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The safe and speedy handling of containers and vanning and devanning operations are carried out within the port area by private stevedoring companies working on behalf of the main carriers serving Tórshavn. 

In addition, there is an integrated year-round ferry service for cars, trucks and passengers operating between Tórshavn and ports in Denmark and Iceland. Furthermore, Tórshavn has a domestic ferry terminal serving the outlying island communities of Nólsoy and Suðuroy.


Faroe Ship

Faroe Ship offers total solutions in transport and logistics. An expert vendor in import and export. They also offer cold storage options on three different locations throughout the country. Freightforwarding and agency services? No problem, they got you covered. They are at the harbor.

Smyril Line

Smyril Line (and sister company Smyril Line Cargo) are experts in full-service solutions. If you are in need of a vacation to Denmark or Iceland, they are at your service. If your company needs logistical and freight forwarding help, they are there for you. The subsidiary company,  Smyril Line Cargo will surely take good care of the latter.

SSL - Strandfaraskip Landsins

SSL is a public transportation company owned by the Ministry of Finance in the Faroe Islands. Their general purpose is to provide transport to all islands by ferry or bus for locals, travelers and cargo. Visit their website at ssl.fo, to see a clear schedule for the many transportation possibilities they can offer. For example in collaboration with Visit Faroe Islands, they have developed a comprehensive guide to traveling through the islands.


Stevedoring - project, container and cargo operations loading and unloading options

The safe and speedy handling as well as loading and unloading operations is outsourced to local operators serving Tórshavn municipality and Port of Tórshavn. With our 165,000 square meters of open storage space, we have an excellent opportunity to serve you for any project of your needs. We have optimised the access for larger vessels in order to help our regulars customers as well as to benefit other types of vessels.


Provided by local oil companies, both alongside and by road tanker. The depth of water at the bunker jetty is 9.3 metres.


Fishing remains an integral aspect of our heritage, particularly in the Port of Tórshavn. This port has played a crucial role in advancing the fishing industry in the islands. The western section of the Port of Tórshavn continues to be devoted to the fishing sector, along with its subsidiary port, Kollafjørð (Langasand) Port. Both ports boast expansive facilities with impressive freezing capacity.