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Leisure Info

Below you will find relevant information regarding marine leisure at port of Tórshavn. 

Before Arrival

If you come directly from a harbour outside the Faroe Islands, you need to contact the immigration and customs at least 24 hours before entering faroese territory.

Please customs at: 
customs@taks.fo or +298 44 73 05

Please contact immigration at: 
politi@politi.fo  or +298 35 14 48 


Upon arrival you need to contact the Harbour Office, Tórshavnar Havn, to give ETA. 
The port is manned 24 hours.
Tel +298 311762
Mob +298 211762
VHF ch. 12.

During your stay remember to pay for the following day before 11am. 
A person from the marine club is available in the area between 16 and 17pm. 

Outside of these hours you can contact the Harbour Office
Tel +298 311762
Mob +298 211762
VHF ch. 12.

Prevailing currents are South 8 hours/North 4 hours and the winds are South-east to West.
The difference between high and low water is 0.3 metres.


Length up to 10 meters DKK 150,- per 24 hours
Length between 10 and 15 meters DKK 225,- per 24 hours
Length over 15 meters DKK 300 

Minimum fee is for 24 hours.

Pay our dues on beasapp.com (choose Torshavn Marina).


Electricity is available in the mooring area. 

Purchase electricity on beasapp.com (choose Tórshavn Marina)


Water is available free of charge in the mooring area. 


Fuel can be bought at the bunker stations. Payment with creditcard.


You can place your rubbish in rubbish bins in the area. 


Free wi-fi is available at the mooring area. The wi-fi is called "marina12". 

Shower, Washing and Laundry

It is possible to use showers and the washing facilities at the local Marine Club.

Payment at beasapp.com (choose Tórshavn Marina)


Please contact the Harbour Office when leaving. 

VHF channel 12
Tel +298 311762
Mob +298 211762


If you want to refund your tax-free:
Call: +298 224 055
Email: anni.midjord@weareplanet.com