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Tórshavn - where tradition meets innovation

In the heart of the North Atlantic lies Tórshavn, the vibrant capital of the Faroe Islands. This city seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, offering a captivating atmosphere for visitors worldwide.
As you stroll through its streets, you'll witness the juxtaposition of old and new.
Culinary adventures await in centuries-old buildings, where local flavours meet global influences. Despite its digital connectivity, Tórshavn maintains a sense of privacy, allowing you to immerse yourself in its beauty. 

Take a look at what Tórshavn has to offer you in the parts beneath! 

Culture and museums

The National Museum of the Faroe Islands

To get a memorable experience of the nature, culture and history of the Faroe Islands, visit the national museum of the Faroe Islands. 

Permanent exhibition: 
1.May - 20.September
Monday - Sunday: 
10 am - 5 pm

Open air museum / Hoyvíksgarður:
1.May - 30.September
Monday - Sunday: 
10 am - 5 pm

The Whaling station við Áir: 
22.June - 11.august
Saturday - Sunday: 
10 am - 5 pm

Visit their website for more information here. 

The Museum of Art

Located in the heart of Tórshavn you´ll find the National Art Gallery. 
Dedicated to continually changing displays of work by local artists and sculptors, you’ll soon pick out the recurrent themes central to much of Faroese art: wild landscapes, turf-roofed village houses, and, above all else, the many and unpredictable moods of the North Atlantic.

Opening hours: 
From 1 May - 31 October
Monday - Sunday
11 - 17

For more information visit their website here. 

The Nordic House

The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands is a cultural center showcasing Faroese and Nordic culture. 

Built in a Nordic tradition, it resembles an enchanting hill of elves. Constructed with materials from all Nordic countries, the house features Norwegian stones on the floor, Finnish chairs, Swedish wooden panels, Danish glass and steel, and an Icelandic roof. The grass roof is distinctly Faroese.

This versatile venue hosts various events and includes a café and a wide selection of Nordic newspapers.

Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday
9 - 17
10 - 17
12 - 17

National Oceanarium and Research Center - Sjósavnið

The Faroese have a deep-rooted connection with the ocean, valuing sustainable coexistence. Hence, there's no better location for a new North Atlantic oceanarium and marine research center.

Opening hours: 
15 June - 31 August
Tuesday to Sunday
2pm - 5pm

For more information press here.


Tórshavn is a bustling creative metropolis. This is clearly expressed with the various art galleries and exhibitions in the city. 

One of them is the lithography workshop and gallery; Steinprent. Located in the old Østrøms factory by Tórshavn harbor, they offer a breathtaking view and space for both machinery and artists, with the ability to exhibit the newest creations in real-time.

Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday

With a stroll up the city you get to the gallery Williamsstova. Every once in a while they have art exhibitions from young and upcoming artists to some of the biggest faroese artists. 
Williamsstova is named after one of the greatest faroeses artists of all time William Heinesen (1900 - 1991).

For opening hours and other information press here. 

Gallarí Havnará
Between the plantation and the theatre there in the middle of the murmur lies this small art gallery.

For opening hours and other information press here. 

Smiðjan í Lítluvík
In this small and cosy faroese house from 1877, various faroese artists hold exhibitions.

For more information press here.



Faroese Design

Faroese design store Østrøm

Sustainable faroese hand-knitted Guðrun&Guðrun

Take a walk to Reka-studio 

Knitwear brands Ullvøruhúsið

SMS - shoppingcenter


Get active!

Biking tours

Rent a bike and see Tórshavn on wheels.

For more information visit rentabike.fo.

Tórshavn - Kirkjubø

Walk from Tórshavn to Kirkjubø.
See more here.

OY - brewery

Take a walk ... 


Take a guided walk in the streets of Tórshavn, taste the different flavours of local beer, while listening to local stories. 

For more information go to beerwalks.dk.

Food and drinks


New style nordic sandwiches. 

For more information visit bbitin.fo.


Katrina Christiansen

Traditional faroese meal every Sunday. Other days you can have various tapas courses, in this historical house in Tórshavn. 

For more information visit katrina.fo.


Enjoy a diverse menu inspired by The Far East.

For more information visit hvonn.fo. 

Irish Pub

Every capital has its own Irish Pub, as does Tórshavn ofcourse. 

For more information visit irishpub.fo.




By the waterfront at Vágsbotn you will find this authentic Faroese coffee house. 

For more information visit Kaffihúsið. 


SItuated in the Nordic House, you will find wonderful homemade, ecological, green, sweet, strong, fresh and delicious food from Systrar.

For more information visit Systrar.  

Oy - local brewery

A brewery, a tap room and a food hall. 

For more information visit oy.fo. 

What´s On in Tórshavn?

What´s on in Tórshavn

Here you can see what is happening in the municipality of Tórshavn. 

Read the program here.

Map of Tórshavn

Map of Tórshavn

City map of Tórshavn. 



Guided tours

Tickets and tours for all kinds of tours.
See guidetofaroeislands.fo

Tours with a driver guide.
See taxi.fo and auto.fo


Tourism information

To get more information on your traveling opportunities, please contact the tourist’s office, Visit Tórshavn at visittorshavn.fo or by phone on +298 302425 and/or Visit Faroe Islands at visitfaroeislands.fo or by phone on +298 666555.