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Specifications for cruise ships

Before Arrival

Before Arrival

Information regarding before arrival



Information regarding arrival

Anchorage Info if tendering

Anchorage Info

If tender operations will be done an anchorage can be found close to the harbour approximately 6,5 cables from the breakwater. The depth at anchorage is 35 to 40 metres.

The exact position for anchorage is 62°00,0 N & 006°44,4 W

The landing stage for tenders is close to the city center. It is not exposed to wind or swell and is sheltered in all kinds of weather.

The anchorage is approximately 1,3 Nautical Miles from the landing stage. There are no shore launches available. The ship’s tenders must be used and there is no levy payable.

Three launches can go alongside at one time.

The speed limit inside the breakwater is 4 knots.

The landing stage is wooden, 35 metres long and 1.2 metres high.

Berthing Info

Berthing Info

Ships can berth with either starboard or port side alongside.

Line boats are available.

The total length of berth in the harbour is over 2.000 metres with a depth of 5.0 -14.8 metres at MLWS.

Cruise ships usually berth at the eastern side, which has 1270 metres of quay side. At MLWS there is a depth of 6,4 to 14,8 m.

There are no restrictions on air draught.

The height of quay MW water is 1,85 - 2,00 meters.

The tidal movement is +/- 0.3 meters.

There are no local restrictions on arrival and departure times.

Local gangways are not available, so ship’s gangways must be used.

If for some reason it is not possible to berth or anchor in Tórshavn the port offers an alternative in the scheltered port of Kollafjord situated 24 km north of the capital. The pier is 560 meters long. 11.8 depth for 260 meters, 9.3 depth for 100 meters, 6.8 depth for 120 meters and 5.8 depth for 80 meters.

The port authorities will provide shuttle buses to the capital if Kollafjord will be used.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet regarding relevant information for the port of Tórshavn.