Overview of the port of Torshavn from 2023


The Port of Tórshavn (Tórshavnar havn) is the largest and busiest of the many harbours dotted throughout the Faroe Islands. As a thriving port with a truly international outlook, Tórshavn offers an unrivalled concentration of quality maritime services and expertise.

Tórshavn has enjoyed success as a base for North Atlantic fishing fleets, a focus for the nation’s container and ro-ro ferry traffic and a growing summer call for cruise ships.

In recent times, a process of consolidation has led to many smaller neighbouring municipalities – Kollafjørður, Nolsøy, Kirkjubøur, Hestur and Koltur – being absorbed into Tórshavn. So today, around 40 per cent of the total population of the Faroe Islands lives within its extended municipal boundaries.

As a consequence, this municipal enlargement has significantly widened the operating area of Tórshavnar havn, which now includes harbour facilities at Sund and Kollafjørður.

The three harbour areas directly controlled by Tórshavnar havn are the best served in the Faroe Islands.

Tórshavn is also the largest port in the Faroe Islands for containerised cargo. Every week, container services link Tórshavn directly with Iceland, Scandinavia, Continental Europe and the UK.

In the pdf. file below, you can see how the harbour facilities in capital Tórshavn looks like.

Port of Tórshavn 


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